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The Big Conversation

Tuesday 15 September

On 15 September 30 Career Academy students from across the UK travelled to London to meet 100 chief executives, representing most of the FTSE 100, to share with them their views about work experience.

The event, called the Big Conversation, marked the start of The Work Inspiration campaign ( a business-led movement of employers across the UK pledging more and better work experience for young people. The Career Academy students made up a third of the 100 young people aged between 16 – 19 who took part in the event.

Sir Stuart Rose, as chair of Business in the Community, is spearheading The Work Inspiration campaign. He said: “Our success as a nation is dependent on the future workforce. This is the start of a national business-led movement to get employers across the country to improve the work experience they offer. The calibre of the CEOs who attended is testament to how important an issue this is.”

Daniel Waldron, a participant from Cirencester College, said: "Meeting the business people was something I highly valued as their expertise and guidance was priceless, and the chance for me to give someone of their calibre my thoughts was special. One Chief Executive, who I was lucky enough to have sat next to me, was in the field of work I aspire to enter - Commercial Law. He was able to answer all of my questions and gave me brilliant advice. He let me have his business card and asked me to contact him regarding work experience and my future career. The Big Conversation was something I am extremely grateful and proud to have been a part of. I believe it is something that people will look back on in the future and remember its importance. I am now convinced that work experience is soon to be work inspiration."

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